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Released 17th November 2021

In this on-demand webinar we bring you new features that are sure to get you through to the end of the year faster! 

From improving project management with task dependencies to easier customer collaboration with our Customer Workspace, this release has it all. 

You will learn about:


  • How to  create task dependencies to better manage high-speed projects 

  • How assigning more than one role to the same resource will lead to more accurate billing 

  • Collaboration! Achieve ultimate customer collaboration with Precursive Customer Workspace

Zoe Woodgate

Zoe Woodgate


Starting her career in the SaaS industry, Zoe grew a global onboarding structure through a repeatable implementation process. At Precursive, Zoe is driving forward adoption, representing the voice of the customer and product messaging as our Product Marketing Manager.

In this webinar, Zoe takes you through the highlights of the exciting new features in our upcoming release.